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Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Facts

A stabilized liquid oxygen product that has a pH of 8 will have ten times the oxygen content as a SLO with a pH of 7.   An stabilized liquid oxygen with a pH of 9 will have 100 times the oxygen content of a SLO with a pH of 7.   An stabilized liquid oxygen with a pH 10 will have 1000 times the oxygen content as a SLO of pH 7.   PH is measured exponentially. O2xygen Force has a pH of 13.7. This is what makes O2xygen Force so effective.

How it works

Oxygen Force
O2xygen Force is a stabilized liquid oxygen product with a very high oxygen content. It has a pH of approximately 13.7. The higher the pH the higher the oxygen content. O2xygen Force will almost immediately enter the bloodstream delivering maximum oxygen to the cells. It will raise bloodstream pH from its minimum pH of 7.3 to its maximum pH of 7.45. Since pH is measured exponentially this increase represents a 64.9% increase in bloodstream oxygen content. 64.9% more oxygen is almost immediately delivered to the cells. Nothing is more beneficial (essential) to overall good health.

References: “The pH Miracle” by Robert. O. Young and “Reverse Aging” by Sang Whang

This is High pH Therapy.

Since O2xygen Force has such a high pH, excess alkaline components are stored as alkaline reserves. In times of a very high demand for oxygen (stress, anaerobic exercise, food contamination and acidity, air pollution etc.) high alkaline reserves will prevent the body from entering an acidic (low oxygen) condition.

The higher the pH (oxygen content) the higher the alkalinity. They are directly proportional. The goal is to raise the pH of the cell to over 7.5.


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O2xygen Force Testimonials

O2xygen Force

"I changed my diet and use oxygen force daily. I haven’t had trouble since!"
- K.K

"Thanks much for what you all have done. Truly remarkable."
- O

"I have been a customer of your products for two years and the O2xygen Force has changed my life!"
- N.C.

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O2xygen Force Benefits

*Increase and maintains cellular oxygen levels

*Neutralizes acid caused by stress, anaerobic exercise and injury

*Increases energy

*Increases important alkaline reserves

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